SETLHARE CONSORTIUM (PTY) LTD is a fairly new company located in Gaborone, incorporated in 2019, owned and operated by Batswana citizens. From inception, Setlhare has operated within a varied and wide scope of work in an effort to diligently serve the many demands of service in Botswana. With our established international business experience, we believe our company is best positioned to address the service expediency and professionalism that is desperately needed in the manufacturing, logistics, property development and not limited to service industry.

Setlhare intends to deliver within the scope of work that is in line with its management area of expertise and experience for a better product delivery. In other words, we strive not only to deliver products on time but deliver quality products that will foster qualitative growth in Botswana.

Through ventures with nationally and international renowned companies and engagement with the government of Botswana, Setlhare will work relentlessly to establish itself as the market leader within the manufacturing, logistics, property development, supply and delivery industries

“From the old adage that if you want go fast go alone and if you want to go far go with others, the latter captures the essence of us at Setlhare Consortium. We are a group with a collective mindset to build varied businesses that will positively impact our economic landscape. The unfortunate advent of covid -19 has drastically weakened our economy, leaving many without steady income. We hope that our strong presence in Property Development, Manufacturing, Logistics and CSR will go a long way in creating opportunities for others. This is only the beginning. More is yet to come!”

Kgosietsile Senne


Competitive Motto

Setlhare Consortium (Pty) Ltd works tirelessly to be the best in the market by putting the client’s needs ahead. We consistently insist on providing quality service and competitive prices for our clients. Ours is a relational partnership that will earn our clients a considerable return on investment.


To build a tapestry of economic business, one branch at time.

Impact the economic landscape


Core Values


Let's Change the Game Together

We operate from our Main Office, which is located at Plot 42967 Tsogang Close, Phakalane. Gaborone. The function of our office is to provide administrative services to our clients. It is also where all administrative matters relating to the contract and company are carried out.

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